Monday, June 15, 2015

melancholy song
Stan: eminem:
One last time: dusty drake :
if you're reading this: Tim Mcgraw:


When i listen to this song it is all in all just an upsetting song. It is kind of out there when you listen to it and it might not make all people upset when they listen to it, but when you get down to the meaning it is something that could absolutely happen, a fan who is a little bit out there and is per say in love with the artist, and would do anything. It is just ironic because the writer of the letters is very impatient seeming and doesn't give the artist much time to reply especially with him being so busy all the time. By the end the writer is insane and under the influence and had his girlfriend in the trunk and killed her with her child, it is upsetting, considering that within the next few days that Eminem gets back to him and lets him know he wasn't ignoring him and just busy, so to me that is sad and almost depressing and scary, also i believe he has had something like this happen to him, not exactly but similar.


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