Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cover songs
I knew you were trouble by Taylor swift

Cover by Walk off the earth i knew you were trouble

The original song is more in depth and has a little more emotion to it, each lyrics is more deliberate and meant to be delivered exactly as is. The music, the tone is very similar in how these two songs are proposed. The instrumentals are completely different as the cover is an a Capella with four or five people singing it in the background. It gives the newer song a better feel. The presentation of the song is different as there is a beat boxer and also is presented as more pop like,its a song that i like that changes the original into a masterpiece which has rhythm and great flow. it makes me feel good when i listen because the people are talented the tone in the music is much happier as they are all into it and as i type this i listen because i like it and its attuned to me so i am the audience i guess.

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