Thursday, June 18, 2015

500 word analysis/comparison of topic.

My topic was about addiction and or drugs in general. In music drugs are one of the most sung about topics.Almost every rap song has a reference or a direct line that implies drugs. Such as the song coco, which is about the artists love of cocaine. although this is not really an addiction its more of a brag that he does cocaine, it is still relevant to drugs, because they are everywhere. Drugs can be reference in many ways such as marijuana which is mentioned in so many ways, it gets hard to count.But drugs are very different from addictions, drugs can be done for fun and not have someone addicted while addictions are a necessity and that plays out throughout my song playlist. Starting with my first song It mentions little helpers, pills to keep pain away and help stay focused and awake. These mothers need more and more, eventually just to get throughout the day, and it says throughout the song about certain things that its hard and eventually the mother cant get to the shelter and will die meaning overdose which is key to addiction. This compares to just about all the songs, as each one mentions the same general thing. That one thing is that they cant live without the drug they are addicted to. Even if they are living without it they are incomplete or unhealthy and don't feel right. The song on my list that almost perfectly sums it up is the one song that is not about drugs but is still about addiction.  "Every breathe you take" by the police is an addiction song that is about his addiction to a girl, he is addicted to the love he feels for her, and it says he feels empty without her and that there is basically a void in his body. He mentions stalking her and looking all around for her which is what happens with all these songs. They have lost something (that something being their addiction, drug) and they search and search and feel empty until they have found it. Another huge similarity is the feeling of just dying, the fact that without said drug they feel like death and with the drug they feel like dying still. This is the main point and constant reminder in "i feel like dying" by Lil Wayne. Another reoccurring theme within my theme is the fact that there is always a reason they become addicts usually something stressful or scary or something of the sort. From mamas little helper its the struggles of being a mother, Going through changes its the death of his friend proof,needle and the damage done is because he "lost [his] band" as he says in the song, Every breathe you take its him losing his girlfriend or her not loving him. In under the bridge he has a fight with the band, and last but not least i feel like dying is the odd man out, as he just would get high, there was more than likely an underlying cause, like the fame and the stress to impress but no real issue like that pops up in the song explicitly.  All of the song it very well under this category and connect in some big ways.

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