Thursday, June 11, 2015

1. American Pie
One of the most poetic songs i have ever heard. After reading the  lyrics, the whole song is based off something else and involves a lot of poetic ism in general
2. sympathy for the devil
In this song the imagery is very apparent and has all of the key things for one of the most poetic songs ever. It continues throughout the whole song.
3. Me and bobby McGee
Fantastic song in general with great rhythm. It is very poetic and uses metaphors everywhere and a seeming underlying theme.
4. Maggie Mae
Intense imagery throughout the song. The fact that he describes one thing throughout and he provides good  lyrics throughout makes this one of the best.
5. yellow Submarine
The Beatles what else can you say?  Most likely on acid or LSD when they wrote this song it is all imagery and very out there in general using all of the poetic devices you could want.
6. Hotel California
A bunch of imagery and similes throughout the song, making it one of the best lyrical and poetic songs but also one of the best songs in general.
7. The times they are changin
Its Bob Dylan, nough said.
8. Tenderly
Personification brought to an extreme level in general it is a short song but it is extremely lyric based.
9. killing me softly with his song
 By describing how the love is killing you and going in with extreme imagery another fantastic song which deserves top 10
10. Silent night
Classic winter song also really worth it, i dont k now much about the song but oh well.

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