Monday, December 22, 2014

fan fiction

Fan fiction: BB
By Badfinger “Guess I got what I deserve: kept you waiting there, too long my love: All that time without a word: didn’t know you’d think that I’d forget: or I’d regret: The special love I had for you: My Baby Blue: All the days became so long: did you really think I’d do you wrong: Dixie when I let you go: thought you’d realize, I would know,: I would show: the special love I have for you: My Baby Blue”…………….silence  
            “Sir, what is wrong”, “HAhahahaahahah” “in order for anything to be done we need you to talk.” “Hahahaha” Canadian hospital just south of Ontario, a very sick, mentally sick, Jesse checks himself in at 1:04 am without having said a word. Only eerie laughter, scars ransack his face, burn marks where his once wild facial hair grew sharply tone his untoned cheeks, his hair infested the look of someone crazed, seemingly to depict his demeanor, looks and feelings, his eyes are torn between crazed insomniac killer and scared motherless duckling. “YO BITCH, get your hands off me” “You need medical attention you are badly burn and have infected scars.” “Leave me alone Yo I don’t need this” “You checked yourself in so you will get attention” “Well I don’t need it anymore” Bringing about a new rep for himself Jesse In this alone for the first time in a long time, leaves the estranged hospital and wanders away from the car and into the snow. Forgetting time and place losing his ability to function, spitting up blood and crying, laughing and limping, Jesse falls to the ground stranded, cold, desperate, lonely, spent, and doesn’t get up surrounded by a newly fallen snow he seemingly dies.  Looking up at bright lights and hearing in dull voices, new voices, a sense of calm runs itself through the room.  “Is he alright?” “Yes he is fine, he was frostbitten, dehydrated, and had a punctured lung, but other than that only a few cuts and burns.”  “Who is he?” “We don’t know yet, he had no visa no wallet, we don’t even know where he came from, if he is even a Canadian citizen.” “Will we know soon?” “There is no record on him we just sent fingerprints and a blood sample but that will take another hour or two, until then make sure he is stable I need to check on another patient.”  Each word meaning less than the last and, the final thoughts in his head of old life would soon diminish but the last one would linger for years without any reconciliation of the meaning it stuck as if attached by the will of god: Free.  “There is no record” “What?”  “Blood samples came back fingerprints came back, There is nothing, his name, age birth place, Nothing, it’s all gone.  Like he was never alive he is completely invisible like he wasn’t born.”  “So what do we do about that?” “I don’t know yet.”  “How long will he be in the coma?”  “Hard to tell, could be months could be hours, and make sure his vitals stay balanced I want to talk to him when he awakes.”  Hearing but not waking Jesse questions everything, who am I, where am I, where am I from, Everything that was ever in Jesses head is gone he used to be a meth head pot head anything drug related, now he is just headless with no memory, no Morales, Just he is alive. He questions, in this dream state, what is this.  “Is he waking?” “Yes he is stirring” “contact Dr. Vardi he will want to know.” “Dr. Vardi he is waking up…Ok, ok I will see you soon.” “Sir, how are you feeling?”  “What?” “How are you feeling?”  “Like shit how bout you,” “ok good,” “that’s a good thing?” “Well your awake aren’t you,” “wasn’t I before.” “Well we don’t really know where you were before…. Dr. Vardi good to see you, how are you, the patient is up.” “I see that, and I am well, how are you doing?” “Is that shit like protocol, ask everyone how they are doing then get a pointless answer?” “Well per say yes bu...” “Well then don’t ask me, look at me and asses, I mean you are a doctor right?” “Yes, yes, so do you remember anything?” “Umm, No,” “You have been out for five weeks.” Blank stare and silence, “What is your name?”  At this junction, gears have been set in motion in jesses head, a million thoughts rushed at him at once, not one was his name or what he had done in the past years, all he remembers is the insatiable pain left from his wisdom teeth being removed when he was 14, Still remembering things just slight details, a girl named Jane, getting kicked out of a house, loving, hating.  “Where am I?” “Ontario Canada, do you remember your name?” “….I don’t know.” “Do you know where you are from?” “Not here.” A buzz is heard from the background everything goes black buzz continues at a steady pace, nothing changes, a single infraction changes the buzz and another and another and another appear giving the sound a more vibrant feel. Now almost a melody of noises fill the air, a single blue light flickers on in the midst of black, seemingly far off, another appears behind it, another and another, then the black turns to light and back to black, but not full black, just dark, street lights wiz by, the buzz which once numbed the air is now a solid roar of an engine, the infraction is a cars alongside changing the sound of his own, nothing is stopping me now then a second dark ness hits, just as hard as the first but this time after the car hit the water. “We need the defibrillator stat” “CLEAR” Buzz, thud “CLEAR” Buzz, thud, a splatter of water and a deep breath as Jesse comes back. “sir, sir” Gone again, once more everything is dark, but this time a different sound a more pleasing sound one of music and cartoons. There is white light that hits the darkness, this time eyes closed not dead eyes, closed eyes.  “Jesse?” Brock looks at him as he wakes from his bed.  His grandmother in the corner watching cautiously. “Jesse?” “Yea” “are you ok?” “Yea”…………..

Sunday, December 14, 2014

 Satire piece :   The Story
I have a story like no other it has action, adventure, love, romance, horror, fiction, nonfiction, drama, humor, there is probably a cat in there to, maybe a unicorn, wait, wait, wait, irrelevant that's what that is, well i guess then that is where my story will begin, I was flying... yea that's right i was soaring like a birdy, flying like a kite, floating like a feather, no i wasn't high or tripping, no i was just chillin in the air like i just didn't care, i was feeling myself... before any of yall get all like "hey you cant say that," and " Ohhhhhh dayyum sharkeisha dat perverted," get your mind right i was feeling the vibe in my music listening, feeling good just flowing, feeling myself, get it now, not doing bad things that nobody wants to hear about, just doing life. Annnnyyyways, it was a good time, Boston to Florida one way trip, peace out Boston adios Norton hasta luego Massachusetts, arbiba durchy massholes, yeah i was headed to Florida, i was listening to the music on the plane with those weird head phones, you know that ones like in that little compartment and you only get like 3 stations and there all either in a different language, kidz bop, or like an old FDR Fireside chat, and not only are they hard to find and have 3 stations, you know that the last person to use them was the worst, they were like the scum of the earth, they used them and just like did something disgusting, Sneezed on it, accidentally sat on it, let their child lick BOTH of the ear pieces, something just absolutely putrid, but i used them they were my only source of entertainment. So back to listening, kidz bop station was doing a special   "adults only" hour with like rihanna songs with like half a swear, rihanna just be hitting that high note then "what the hell is wrong with you" but she has a little bit of an accent so it comes out as hale like shes singing about it snowing or something. I finally arrived at Florida if you can believe it ten ours of just child spit absorbing into my ear pores, and my parents aren't there to greet me, i get a text saying " in Chicago be back in two days" LIKE WHAT, whats that i come down to Florida to visit my grandparents , my parents come 2 days early to get everything ready for my grandfathers party and then my parents are in Chicago like i don't know anybody from Chicago, i walked to our apartment and had to search for the key which was under the mat in front of the place, like that's not the most obvious place to put it, i went in and i slept, then the story goes down from there to tell you the truth, so lets get to the end my parents end up in California my grandmother moved months prior to France and my grandfather kicked both my parents out and me, why you may ask were we all kicked out of his house, oh yea because my parents burnt it down by lighting the cake on fire, like literally the whole cake and burned his house down with his pet cat and stuffed unicorn form my grandmother, she always used to say "ITS SO FLUFFY." so my story had like 4 of the eight ish things i said it would have i was close right? OK OK well i did put in the unicorn and cat, its all fiction yeah there's no nonfiction in this, that's too bad but whatever i liked the story by the way "live long and use the force spok"

Friday, December 5, 2014

Harmony  Slam poetry/list
To start Forget the past and think to the future,
you will Remember those who have made life a bit harder,
and Forget those who made living much better,
you will Give a reason, excuse for the lack,
with Nothing remembered, nothing forgotten,
Next Going by in a blur, nothing seen, nothing missed,
There will be No thoughts, yet thoughts are to be given,
While This isn't the end, and this isn't the start,
This is but the middle,
Where things live and things die,
In perfect harmony.